Unruh Boyer


Labor of Love


Trish Boyer and Tony Unruh of Unruh Boyer Inc have spent many years building and remodeling projects for clients. While much of their firm’s work involves the restoring and remodeling of Mid Century homes, they recently embarked on a speculative project that would combine much of what they appreciated about classic design with new materials and technologies. The result is a 2400 sq ft hillside home in Glassell Park that manages both contemporary elegance and extraordinary calm. Clad in patterned bronze colored bonderized metal, the home features materials that they may have had difficulty convincing clients to use: oriented strand board floors, glue lam construction beams as the stairway, patterned slate flooring, and commercial grates for exterior railing. The wow factor are the two 7 x 10 barn style glass exterior doors leading from the living room to the deck.  Opened or closed they create the feeling of floating in the trees.  The home, with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, also includes an ode to Architect Gregory Ain–whose office they work from–with the third bedroom and study bisected by sliding doors that can separate the space into the two rooms or open to make one large flexible space. As Trish Boyer said, “Basically, we designed the home we would want for ourselves, however, the unintended consequence is that it is difficult to part with”.